Commercial Printing

Commercial Printing

QR Codes

A QR code is a 2-dimnsional bar-code that can be generated into a graphic. When scanned by a smart phone device, the QR code leads to a website. It is easy to scan the bar code when a scanner app is downloaded from Once downloaded, launch the app and scan the code using your phone's camera.

QR Codes extend your reach through multi-channel marketing, and tie your print and web marketing initiatives together. Tru Art can assist you in creating QR Codes and adding them to your imprint.

Link to:

  • Any web page
  • Deep link to a specific product page on a website
  • Store locator map
  • Customer survey
  • Coupons to be downloaded or printed
  • Ecatalogs and flyers
  • Smart Phone App Downloads
  • Videos of customer testimonials or introductions
  • Conference or Meeting presentations using SlideShare or SlideRocket
  • Google Docs with information like assembly instructions, recipes and product specifics
  • Social Media profiles for Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and Flickr

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