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Mailing Services

At Tru Art Color Graphics, we understand that timely delivery is a top priority, and a major contributor to your success. Trying to navigate through hundreds of postal regulations and requirements can be very confusing. You can rely on us for all of your mailing services in Iowa City and the Cedar Rapids area. We can help you format and size your mailing pieces and find the right stock to get the best applicable postage rates. We help you throughout the entire mailing process, so you aren't forced to work with multiple people saving you time, money and a whole lot of frustration.

1. Presort software that enables Tru Art to give best postal rate, mailing locally or to drop ship mail remotely. Our expertise allows us to chose best method to serve our customers with lowest postal rate at the same time as meeting best delivery time.

2. The most robust addressing system for high-speed, quality and technique for personalization on today's market, VideoJet Technology. This machine can address books, postcards, newsletters and other medium. Our addressing system can add the element of variable fonts and graphics to make your direct mail piece stand out in the stack. State-of -the-art, well-refined, and intelligently used by experienced planners & operators for unmatched visual appeal to recipient.

3. Package services are one of the most cumbersome elements of bulk mail this day and age. As a customer it is un-fun and confusing to distribute odd-sized packages. Tru Art's ability to understand distribution is unique. Get more bang for your buck saving postage and processing with our packaging production process.

Say goodbye to supply runs and trips to the post office. Let us be your direct mailing fulfillment experts. Automate the whole printing and mailing solutions process with a click. We offer our customers a fast, affordable, and convenient way to print and professionally mail your print marketing materials.

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